Impressive to feel the great passion for music that animates the performer. Wonderful nuances and tightly controlled phrasing, dazzling dexterity and virtuosity.

~ LUXEMBOURG, mars 2015 ~

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Once again, a big thanks to you all !


A huge THANK YOU to Emmanuelle STEPHAN for her talent and the emotions that she was able to trigger within us, listening to her magical and captivating playing…

~ SAINT-PIERRE DE FRUGIE, august 2016 ~

Emmanuelle STEPHAN, whose dedication to music has resulted in an outstanding performance at Carnegie Hall today.

~ Mrs Victoria MONTSERRAT, Artistic director, November 5th 2017 ~

A marvelous moment with a lot of poetry and magic. The music, Poulenc, Satie or Ravel, were wonderfully served !

~ LILLE, Jully 2016 ~

Breathtaking. An incredible performance, one can only be impressed by the fluidity of the playing and the sensitivity of the interpretation.

~ LUXEMBOURG, june 2015 ~

Enchanting and sensational recital thanks to a very solid technique but also to a phrasing and an intention in all the voices, which deliver a very elaborate playing within the faintest shades of emotions. A real pleasure to listen to.

~ LUXEMBOURG, march 2015 ~

During the recital I have been admiring, like all of the audience, Emmanuelle STEPHAN’s talent, her virtuosity, her gracefulness. There is no doubt that a long and beautiful career opens in front of her, not to mention what she has already accomplished.

~ Mrs Danielle ABAD, Artistic director, May 22nd 2017~

I found out recently about the marvelous performances - Chopin, Debussy...- of pianist Emmanuelle STEPHAN. Her accomplished technique allows her to play with such a musical freedom that one can only be moved! Moreover, she has that " special" individuality which distinguishes her from so many other young pianists ....

~ Maestro Cyprien KATSARIS, Concert pianist, June 26th 2017 ~

Fantastic !!!!!!!!! Sublime !!!!!!!!!! Incredible passion, precision and fluidity !!!!!

~ LUXEMBOURG, march 2015 ~

Utmost beautiful moments during which the limit is ... the sky!

~ TREVES, Germany, february 2015 ~

The new generation of great pianists such as Emmanuelle STEPHAN.

~ November 6th 2016 ~

The young pianist possesses an exceptional talent, with a genuine singularity creating consensus amongst critics and audiences alike. Besides dazzling technical virtuosity, she possesses an enormous emotional potential in her music. Under her fingers, the most virtuosic etudes let forget about technical boundaries, to the benefit of pure generosity in the expression. Highly inspired playing.

~ Maestro Bechara EL-KHOURY, Compositeur, August 1st 2017 ~

Emmanuelle STEPHAN’s performances reflect great musicality, depth of interpretation, and technical expertise. A wonderful and impressive pianist who possesses a great talent and remarkable personality, and will have a very promising career in the coming years.

~ Manhattan International Music Competition (President Ivo POGORELICH), August 25th 2017 ~

A wonderfully gifted artist. Her personality reflects the intelligence, insight, and musicality necessary for pursuing a career, and her playing, both in terms of technical skills and artistry, demonstrates the solid potential crucial to performance.

~ Maestro Cosmo BUONO, Artistic director, April 27th 2017 ~

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Critics from the Press

Radio broadcast on Martinique 1st, 19 April 2017

Romance - Lyricism - and Perpetuous Easiness by: Michael KOCH
Following a recital which received great appreciation, in TRIER, Germany, Emmanuelle STEPHAN was invited to give a recital on 10th June 2015 at the Centre Culturel Altrimenti in LUXEMBOURG City.

Emmanuelle's presentation started with three Etudes by Frédéric CHOPIN, being THE representative for romantic music, especially when played on the piano. What a "warm-up" these Etudes were !
The first one being called the "Harp Etude", Op. 25 No.1 in A flat major; was an impressive start with respect to Emmanuelle's virtuosity, which produced a lovely swinging, all embracing sound through the auditorium !
After that furious start she left no moment to breathe, taking her audience away with the second piece: the Etude Op. 10 No. 9 in f minor (Agitato).
Incredible to still increase the strengths in the feelings that were inspired by the latter, but the next Etude in C minor Op. 25 No. 12, "the Ocean", as performed by Emmanuelle, did exactly that.
It was very convincing how she interpreted this masterpiece of romantic piano music and it was obvious how much all of the audience was taken away with the huge harmonic waves of "The Ocean".

After these masterpieces of CHOPIN's music, Emmanuelle lead us into the classical period with HAYDN's latest piano sonata, the No. 62 sonata in E flat major, which is undoubtedly the most ambitious and demanding work of its author in the form. The interpreter rendered a version of incredible beauty: a first movement alternating power and lyricism, a second movement all in elegance, carefully polished, but never bland nor dull, with the touch of irony typical of HADYN especially in the third movement that she performed as a facetious flight.

After a little break, Emmanuelle's program turned into a softer and lyrically easy mood with the SCHUBERT Sonata in A major, D664.
The tune and the mood of all three sets, and how they were played by Emmanuelle, were perfectly matching with the nice and friendly end of spring weather.
Yes, the joyful and somewhat typical Viennese theme - as the critics of the composers had called it once upon a time - was convincingly brought to the audience.

Emmanuelle then continued the romantic mood in her concert by her interpretation of one of the most colourful CHOPIN Nocturnes, the one in D flat op. 27, No.2

She then proved also the great variety in her repertoire by switching to the music of Francis POULENC, one of the most important representatives of the neo-classical period. POULENC's "Three perpetuous movements" are characterized by a persisting easiness of looking forward and the way Emmanuelle interpreted them was really convincing.

The reaction of the audience clearly showed how much she succeeded to take everybody along.

Far too early, the soirée ended with one of CHOPIN's ballades. She had chosen the 3rd Ballade,

in A flat major op. 47.
The "sometimes dark and anxious elements in this tune are swiped out by the joyfulness of the final" as CHOPIN's critics had said, and Emmanuelle succeeded to leave her audience in exactly

such state of joyfulness !

No surprise that the public insisted by applause on two "encore's".


~ Article published on June 11th 2015 on : Piano. ~



There is a mesmerizing secret in Emmanuelle STEPHAN's playing. What is fundamentally in question, for Emmanuelle, is to modulate the intensities, to forge the interpretation at the level the note, and by corollary, up to the level of the music, thus going beyond the virtuosity that she demonstrates.
Emmanuelle STEPHAN's playing lies at the crossroads of a rigorous authenticity with regard to the original work, and incommensurable lyrical virtuosity. It establishes a highly refined synthesis of the French and the Russian piano schools.


~ Dr Mohamed BEN MUSTAFA (PARIS VII University), August 22nd 2017 ~





Emmanuelle STEPHAN's precision, poise, intense focus, technical skill, and innate musicianship create such beatifull performances. It is a gift to hear you play. Her love of music and artistic commitment is a joy to see and hear. She deserves a world-class career, and to continue to enjoy the greatest success going forward.


~Maestro Jeremy J. BECK, Composer, July 27th 2018~




«Wonderful mastering of colors, a genuine talent up to the art of her master Gabriel TACCHINO.»


~Maestro Guido CONRAD, Art Historian and Baritone, August 4th 2018~


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