A French pianist, Emmanuelle STEPHAN inherited her passion for piano from her first teacher, Russian professor Yuri KLEMPERT, a student of Isaac ZETEL, himself a pupil of the great founder of the Russian piano school: Heinrich NEUHAUS. 


A competition laureate from a very young age (awarded the First Prize of France’s Musical Academy Competition in PARIS, and the Gold Clef of the French Association for Musical Expression), Emmanuelle started her formal piano training at the Conservatory of Music of Luxemburg, notably with Marco KRAUS and Jean Müller, and leaves EUROPE for the U.S.A., where she joins the JUILLARD SCHOOL (NEW YORK) for two years.

Emmanuelle continues to polish her skills at the VIENNA Musikhochschule with  Russian pianist Lilya ZILBERSTEIN, and pursues her piano performance studies at PARIS' Schola Cantorum under the teaching of Gabriel TACCHINO, sole pupil and reference performer for French composer Françis POULENC.


Emmanuelle is keen on on deriving inspiration at the source from Great Masters who are the memory of an authentic tradition of interpretation. Her pianism this reflects two Piano Schools :

- The Russian Piano School : Emmanuelle took advice from Lilya ZILBERSTEIN, widely recognised as the reference interpreter for Sergei RACHMANINOFF, was also the pupil of Alexandre SATZ (himself the assistant of Heinrich NEUHAUS at the MOSCOW Conservatory).

- The French Piano School : Emmanuelle continues to follow the masterclasses of Gabriel TACCHINO, who  was also a pupil of Jacques FEVRIER and Marguerite LONG, herself an important depositary of the works of DEBUSSY et RAVEL since she had worked with them, and played their works with the composers themselves.

Emmanuelle is a laureate of several international competitions, including a 2nd Prize in NEW YORK, rewarded by a  debut concert in the WEILL RECITAL HALL, CARNEGIE HALL in 2017. The same year, she participated in a CD recording around POULENC : "POULENC PIANO MELODIES", published by ERATO / WARNER CLASSICS.


Since then, Emmanuelle performs regularly at international festivals and concert series in FRANCE and abroad:

  • CROISETTE Theater in CANNES, festivals « Musical Nights of Notre-Dame de Vie » and « A Winter in Music » in MOUGINS,
  • at the Francis Poulenc Festival of BAGNOLS-EN-FORÊT
  • at the Festival « Clef de Soleil » in LILLE's Conservatory of Music
  • at FORT-DE-FRANCE on the national stage « Atrium Tropiques » of MARTINIQUE
  • in CHINA concert series « Star Pearl Éducation - New Pearl Education - Nouvelle Star » and the « China Festival for Cultural Exchanges »
  • in ITALY: FLORENCE Palazzo LENZI, VENICE's magnificent Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista for the Società Veneziana di Concerti


In 2019, Emmanuelle participates in two POULENC commemoration cérémonies, where she performs works by the composer alongside Gabriel TACCHINO sole pupil of Francis POULENC :

firstly in a concert in CANNES organised by the Orcpaca (Regional Orchestra of CANNES-PROVENCE-COTE-D'AZUR) and secondly, in the opening concert of the FRANCIS POULENC FESTIVAL.

In ABU DHABI Arab Emirates she performs in the ZAYED THEATER and meets the students of SORBONNE UNIVERSITY ABU DHABI to present some insights on French impressionism.

She performs MOZART concerto No.12 in A major in a Brazilian tour with the USP (University Sao Paulo)-Filarmônica.

In June 2019, she is awarded the "PREMIO PONTE VECCHIO" prize 2019 in FLORENCE, ITALY. 

2020 :

In the upcoming season (September 2020), amongst other venues Emmanuelle will perform in the prestigious CORTOT Hall in PARIS.


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